Limousine Services Are Available For Anybody

Every young girl dreams about how the events of their prom are going to unfold. They often wonder who they’re going to be partnered with during the big dance and how their parents are going to receive the lucky suitor. The senior prom is one of the most memorable high school events that a student can attend. Teenage girls will always remember the details of the special night. Therefore it’s important to make their dreams come true. Arriving at the prom inside the luxury of a limousine is one trendy and time-tested method of enhancing the night.

Limousine services provide a unique means of transportation that allow the passengers to experience a higher level on the social totem pole. Historically, limousines belonged to the exceedingly wealthy, often driven by employees of the owner. They helped emphasize an individual’s prestigious occupation and level of importance. Political leaders have always traveled inside the luxurious vehicles. CEOs have long since used their limousines as a status symbol, giving onlookers a rare glimpse at their financial empires.

In modern times, independent limousine services offer comfort and luxury to customers outside of the million dollar clubs. They have become affordable and no longer accommodate only the independently wealthy. Normal customers can rent the limousine and its driver’s experience at inexpensive rates. The stylish transportation can be used to mark the importance of specific occasions.

People don’t have to be movie stars to travel in style. Commonly, limousine services are requested for a variety of events including: weddings, bachelor parties, dinner dates, business meetings and airport transportation. Many services are reserved beforehand yet some, due to their affiliated areas of operation, are available within moments.

The accommodations inside a limousine vary depending on what the service offers. There are limousines that are specifically designed for party enthusiasts (stocked with bottles of champagne and coolers of beer), while others provide mobile Wi-Fi and telephone access. Modern limousines come equipped with laptops, iPads and other popular electronics. There are specialized models that even have working hot tubs. The window between the driver and the passengers is often tinted, allowing customers to enjoy the privacy they might desire.

Limousine services are available in almost every country. Their drivers are qualified, licensed and insured. Many are required to pass an extensive background check and submit to random drug testing. It’s important for every limousine service to ensure their customer’s safety. Most companies employ a variety of services that monitor a driver’s speed and current location. They guarantee satisfaction and aim to make every scheduled pick-up and drop-off location.

Whether a person is traveling to an important business meeting or an entire group of bridesmaids are on their way to the wedding, everybody can enjoy the ride.


Add Life to Special Occasions Hiring the Best Charlotte Limousine Service

We wanted to make it extremely special and memorable during our parent’s 25th anniversary. It was such a period which was not going to come around the next time. Especially when my sister and I could plan something before we get married. Our parents had done a lot for us throughout our life. This was the moment when we had a chance to give them a grand surprise, a way to thank them for everything they did for us. Arranging a re-marriage ceremony was the general idea which I had in mind. It became creative when one of my cousins suggested us to arrange a wedding limousine services for our beloved parents. The idea was to make their entry grand and gain everyone’s attention with the best wedding limousines available.

My cousin was very good in knowing the specifications of almost every car and guided us with the credibility and value of each of one while we were browsing through the web. There were numerous companies that offered the best set of services for hiring limousines for various purposes. A variety of events for which an exclusive fleet of cars could be used ranged from prom nights, wedding occasion, corporate parties or events to airport transfer services and other special occasions. Making the right decision out of the top companies was difficult as almost every company offered the same set of services. Our hunt came to an end when we came across Signature Transportation in Charlotte, NC. The fleet of exclusive cars offered was impressive and the services provided reflected quality.

We found the best Charlotte limousine service while planning all the other works related to the wedding. Though the idea seemed truly mesmerizing and pleasurable, the preparations in real were more than how we expected them to be. Nevertheless, everything settled perfectly with the support of many of our cousins. We had divided our work manually and scheduled all the arrangement as they were decided. The special week finally arrived and there we were right in front of our parents gifting them their wedding full of love and surprises. The ceremony we arranged for them was going to be continued for three days and so was our limousine hire service. The beautiful journey started with escorting the special bride and groom for their first ceremony.

All the guests who were a part of this re-marriage were highly impressed by all the arrangements especially, the super stretch limousine services. There were many relatives who were going to fly from other states for the wedding. The comfortable and stylish airport limo service we arranged for them was one of the most enjoyable travel experience. Many of our relatives complemented us on the limo service. It was very fulfilling and satisfactory to get such fair services from Signature Transportation. The knowledgeable staff and friendly chauffeurs were perfect with their services. They got us to the venue maintaining completely safety and punctuality. No compromise was made on professionalism. These services made all our events and ceremonies truly special adding a larger than life frame to it.

What to Consider When Choosing a Limousine Service

Choosing a limousine service can be a daunting task. Your special event needs some stylish transportation, but you don’t want to end up with a shady driver or dingy limousine. How do you know you’re not being overcharged, and what happens if the driver is late? Do you get a refund? There are several things to consider when choosing a limousine service.

Check References and Reviews

The best places to start are review sites, blogs and reviews listed on their own website. See what other people are saying about them. Don’t stick to just one source – a lot of companies tend to hire people to post good reviews to boost their traffic and sales, so make sure you’re looking at the full scope of reviews. The first review may be five stars, but if you stop there, you might not see the list of one star reviews on the next page. Yelp, Angie’s List and Yellowpages usually have a wide variety of company and service reviews.

Refer a Friend

Do you know someone who has used a limousine service before, or do they know someone? Word of mouth is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to choose or eliminate a limousine service from consideration. For example, let’s say your friend had a bad experience with a limousine service when they went to prom, arranged for airport limousine transportation, or perhaps you have a niece who had the time of her life for her 16th birthday riding in a limo. Take those people’s experiences and weigh them against what kind of experience you want to have. After all, these are the people you trust most to give you an honest opinion.

Browse Their Selection of Models/Vehicle Types

According to Angie’s List, the average number of limousine vehicle types is around five. These can be the classic stretch limousine, an SUV model, or even a Mercedes. Limousine design has come a long way since the days of Hollywood movie stars and Red Carpet fashion. You can get anything from a Hummer limousine to buses and trolleys depending on what you’re in the mood for. The number of vehicles they have available matters too. You can’t very well get the vehicle model you want if there are very limited numbers, so make sure their fleet is a size that can accommodate your needs.

Compare Prices

Money isn’t everything, but you need to consider cost when renting a limousine for yourself or someone else. Some services can be pretty high priced, especially if you add on any bonuses like chilled champagne in the back or a movie night for friends. That being said; don’t go immediately for the one with the lowest price. These are most likely the companies that are desperate for customers because of their bad service. If you find a cheap limousine that has spectacular quality, great! Let us know where we can find them because we’re pretty sure they don’t exist. Make sure you get a quote for the total cost when price-checking. The base rate usually has other fees tacked on to it when the bill comes your way.

Look at the Business’ History

This is an important consideration for many reasons, one of them being reliability and accountability. You should do some homework and see how long the company has been around. You don’t need to pick one that’s been around for fifty years just because of the length of time, but a good track record with experienced drivers is your best bet for a safe and comfortable ride. Newer companies with experienced staff can also be good choices, so long as you check into all of the other factors to be sure. You don’t want to pay a fortune for a driver who can barely navigate the streets of the city you’re in.

Check Their Safety Record

Nothing says “bad experience” like one where your driver or their vehicles are unqualified to be on the roads. You have a right to know the company’s safety record and vehicle history, as well as the hiring process for drivers. Companies that can’t inform you on these points are not worth your time; if they don’t have the information, it means that they don’t have a good safety record and can’t track their vehicles’ history. The same is true of the drivers. Your chauffeur should have gone through special training that will allow them to provide you with a safe, fun experience. If you don’t feel safe with a particular vehicle or driver, don’t hire them. You’re better safe than sorry.

Investigate In Person

Don’t just take the company’s word for it – go to the location you plan to hire from and see their product for yourself. It’s embarrassing and awkward to have a broken down limo arrive at your door when the website showed a shiny Mercedes, and it’s also completely dishonest and unprofessional. Check to see that their vehicles are well cared for and that they have insurance. You need to ask about registration numbers as well; any credible business will be registered, and having this number will help in the process of checking their history and background. Once you’ve checked off the list of considerations, you can choose your limousine service with the peace of mind you deserve.

For high quality, professional limousine services in Charlotte, NC, contact the experts at Signature Transportation, 704-202-9685.